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Paid Advertising (PPC)

Big PPC Management Done Right

Get Found First is a seasoned, enterprise-level, Pay Per Click Management firm.

ROI-focused PPC Management

We believe PPC advertising must add to the bottom line. Whether it’s Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, or Remarketing the goal is to increase business. Our job is to measure, increase, & deliver positive ROI.

If improving the bottom line isn’t your thing, maybe we aren’t the PPC management firm for you.

Complete Due Diligence

Truly successful PPC management starts by understanding the complete business and revenue model.

Get Found First does things different. We begin every new client account by engaging in thorough due diligence. Before the first ad goes live we strive to understand our client’s customers, industry, competitors, and business processes inside and out.

Total Conversion Process

Learn: This is usually the first touch point when someone clicks an ad. They aren’t ready to buy, shoot they’re just getting started trying to find a solution to their problem. Our goal is to educate these users & get them into the ‘shopping phase’ as effectively as possible.

Shop: Once they know what they want, today’s savvy users shop the benefits, prices, and features. While they shop the competition, so do we. We use what we learn to make sure you are there (with the right message), so when it’s time to “buy” they know where to go.

Buy: This is the pinnacle of paid search advertising. This is where searches turn into dollars. We use PPC to attract as many users already ready to buy, and then leverage re-marketing and other channels to reach those we’ve previously come in contact with. Effective paid advertising and landing page design create solid ROI.

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Total Conversion
Process Explained

Conversions are the goal right? That’s why everything we do is focused on driving, monitoring and increasing conversions (conversion rate optimization). During the first touch points with the user, we focus on making sure ad copy and landing pages educate users in a way that makes them want to come back. You want this first potential experience with your brand and product to be memorable, in a good way. Throughout the rest of the conversion funnel we are constantly monitoring how users interact with ads, landing pages and the website. Many people forget that driving qualified traffic to a site is just part of the process.

If your landing pages, registration procedures, or checkout processes aren’t implemented clearly, they will have a dramatic effect on whether the user “converts” while on your website. If you aren’t careful, the user could return to the search engine, which may lead them to a competitor’s website. We know that there are many moving parts and we focus on efficiently managing them all in order to get you the most conversions at the lowest cost.

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