No More Third-Party Cookies....Eh - No Biggie!

No More Third-Party Cookies….Eh – No Biggie!

online marketing, third-party cookiesIf you don’t already know, third-party cookies are phasing out by the year 2022 – and we digital marketers have to say “sayonara” to that data. While many marketing companies are worried about how this is going to affect their ability to target audiences, at Get Found First, we know that Google isn’t going to easily say goodbye to their 52% contribution of last year’s global digital ad spending of $292 billion – and our ability to target audiences might shift, but it’s not gone.

Because Not Everyone Speaks “Digital Marketing”

What Are Third-Party Cookies?

As you browse and visit different websites around the internet, these websites generate a tracking code called third-party cookies that track hundreds to thousands of data points on what you are doing. Data aggregators and/or marketing platforms use this code to access the data it collects. This information can be used to help advertisers reach potential buyers. The data that third-party cookies collected was various – and it allowed advertisers to make and deliver ads to an audience that was more likely to make a purchase of a specific product or service.

However, data privacy laws have made an impact on how advertisers are able to collect data of individual users online. As consumers have become increasingly uncomfortable with how their data is shared, a shift in the industry occurred that allows consumers transparency and more control about how their personal data is used. And while this makes some marketing companies uneasy, Get Found First experts know that third-party cookies hasn’t been the primary factor in online marketing success.

The online marketing world is ever-changing to meet the ever-changing habits of online consumers. This is just another fork in the road. Get Found First supports individual privacy and we know that the extermination of third-party cookies isn’t going to hinder our ability to target effectively because it doesn’t take away targeting altogether. In fact, the data is still available – it’s just obtained in a way that is reverent to consumer privacy.

Get Found First: A Recipe For Success Without Invading Cookies

If you aren’t quite sure how marketing companies are going to utilize data to effectively market to your target audience, don’t assume we don’t have the ability. Again, targeting hasn’t been taken away completely – it’s just changed. If you want to learn more about how Get Found First is committed to serving you in the best possible way and use EFFECTIVE strategies that provide RESULTS – Call Us Now!