Get Locket App – Ads on your Lockscreen

Miscellaneous Monday

I have self-diagnosed A.D.D.  I contracted it from years in front of a computer with gajillions of shiny objects.  Thank you Twitter and Google!  And now, I should say thank you, Locket!

Have you ever gone to send a text on your smart phone, seen a text from someone else, answered their text, checked two new emails, and then put your phone back in your pocket, only to remember the whole reason you had just opened your phone was to send a text that you never actually sent?Frustrating isn’t it?  I like to think I am not the only spacey young man that has done that multiple times.

Now with a new app I downloaded called Locket, I am sure that I will make that mistake even more, but I am okay with that.

Ads on your lock screen

Let me tell you about my new found advertising love with a walk through of the Locket app in screenshots I took with my phone.

Once you download the app in the Google Play store, it walks you through how to get setup and know your way around the app, similar to the experience you get when gmail introduces a new inbox.

Locket ads show on lock screen

While you may think the app is really intrusive showing up every single time you wake up your phone, as it explains in the screenshot to the left, all you have to do to open your phone is swipe right where it says, 1c.

Yep. That’s right, they pay you a penny every time you unlock your phone.

How to use Locket

If the ad interests you, you can swipe left and go to the ad landing page.  I have seen a variety of landing pages so far:

  • App download screens in the Google Play store
  • Youtube videos when movie trailer ads appear
  • Facebook pages
  • Websites
  • Still waiting to see one where I swipe left and it takes you to a pre-dialed phone number of a pizza joint

Locket TipsI have not turned off my default lock screen. Sometimes it shows my default lock screen for a split second before the ad appears. Most the time I just see the ad. It hasn’t bothered me enough to go take the time to turn it off. 🙂

Share LocketAppropriate time for a disclaimer: links to the app in this blog post will make me $1 richer if you click them and decide to download the app to give it a try, which I recommend that you do, especially if you think you have advertisers that could benefit from this type of mobile ad.

Get Paid With Locket

This is what the home screen of the app looks like.  It uses my Facebook profile pic. I had earned $1.27 in the first 16 hours of downloading the app. I was sleeping for 6 of those hours.

Obviously not making me a millionaire, with a small fortune, but I figure I can make a $100-$150/year no problem.

Cash out on Locket

When you click the money bag tab, it shows you how much money you have.  I will probably cash out once a year at this rate.

Locket still hasn’t asked for my PayPal account. I imagine that will happen when I ask to get paid.

Social Sharing Locket

These guys know how to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid).  It is very easy to share.  If you want people to share your app, blog post, youtube video, etc., make it as easy as possible.  Whenever I want to share the app, all I gotta do is click on the 3 men in the top, far-right section of the app.

I couldn’t figure out how to screenshot my app screen and I didn’t take pictures of the phone screen. Download the app and check them out for yourself.  Some very popular brands like Amazon, Groupon, AnchorMan 2, Vitamin Water, Axe (the body spray), and others.

I can see this app working really well for local businesses trying to get their phone to ring.  At 11 AM and 4 PM I imagine I will start seeing lots of pizza shops trying to grab my attention as I go to check my email.

I personally think this ad model is revolutionary and will work for the long haul, but I’m sure there are skeptics. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Miscellaneous Monday

Update: I am now $3.54 richer and I downloaded the app 3.5 days ago. It has been a real eye-opener to see how often I check my phone.  There is one glitch that I have noticed. My voicemail app seems to pause the voicemails it plays at least a couple of times and that never happened before I downloaded the Locket app. Also, I got a tweet from a PPC friend in Ireland that says you can’t use it there yet.