Clutch names Get Found First as a Top Advertising & Marketing Firm in Idaho | Get Found First

Clutch names Get Found First as a Top Advertising & Marketing Firm in Idaho

Successful marketing is about strategy just as much as it is about content. Tailoring a solution entails getting to know your company’s capacity and what you are willing to invest, whether it be time and effort or money. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, for instance, are more suited for businesses with a large working budget. Get Found First believes that if you have the financial capacity, you might as well spend it on a surefire way to convert your leads into clients. 

We take pride in our results, and our clients have enjoyed the merits of working with our team of seasoned marketing experts. Add to that the fact that our efforts are turning heads in the B2B space, securing us a place in Clutch’s 2021 research list of the top advertising and marketing agencies in Idaho!

At Get Found First, our purpose as a company is to elevate people and businesses. Receiving this award is continued validation of our teams’ commitment to seeing businesses of all sizes succeed in their digital marketing.

— Michael R. Johnson, President at Get Found First

For context, Clutch is a globally-referenced B2B ratings and reviews platform. What sets them apart from similar websites is that they have business analysts who verify client reviews, allowing agencies like ourselves to build a reputation on bonafide testimonials. 

Clutch’s main goal is to help B2B companies achieve international reach and visibility. This is furthered by initiatives such as the yearly Clutch Leader Awards, where registered firms are recognized for their high client ratings,  excellent customer service,  and undisputed industry expertise. 

Below is an example of a high rating left by our client:

Of course, we owe this success to our customers who have given us the opportunity to broaden our experience and maximize our marketing and advertising skills. We thank you for vesting your confidence in Get Found First!

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