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A recent Google study found that only 21% of companies are able to fully measure Marketing's contribution to revenue. Get Found First is a Google Premier Partner that works with over 300 clients. We create custom profit-driven digital advertising strategies that transform our clients marketing departments from cost centers to profit centers.

If your business is struggling with measuring an accurate return on marketing activities and you'd like to see your Marketing Team become a profit center in 2019 - let’s have a conversation.

As a performance-based agency, our fees are tied directly to your profitable growth. We look forward to learning more about your business goals

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GFF has been a tremendous asset to our company. They have helped us grow our business year after year with sound PPC management strategies. We have also developed a relationship directly with Google due to our relationship with GFF. Gaining that edge to further insights directly from Google has been very valuable to our continued growth and success.

Tourtlotte Law Firm loves Get Found First! The folks at Get Found First were very interested in understanding the mission and vision of Tourtlotte Law Firm and we have worked together diligently every month, developing a marketing plan that consistently directs potential clients to our firm.

Thank you all for your time and attention given to our accounts. On behalf of all of us here, please know we greatly appreciate your work and investment in us. Through working with Get Found First we have seen significant growth and forward momentum in our Google Ad campaigns.


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