PPC Wishlist 2014 Reviewed by Momizat on . What if you could tell the Search Engines what to improve for PPC? That is essentially the question I asked some of the top PPC experts through #PPCChat and Twi What if you could tell the Search Engines what to improve for PPC? That is essentially the question I asked some of the top PPC experts through #PPCChat and Twi Rating: 0
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PPC Wishlist 2014

What if you could tell the Search Engines what to improve for PPC?

That is essentially the question I asked some of the top PPC experts through #PPCChat and Twitter recently. I got a bunch of responses and I will be sharing with you the “PPC Wishlist for 2014″ that I compiled based on the info shared with me. To make it easy I am going to break it down into wishes for Adwords, Bing & then “other” PPC opportunities.

PPC Wishlist 2014

So if we could change Adwords what would we do different?

11) More precise Search Query (and Placement) Reports. – Give Us All The Data! – No more of this “other queries” crap.

10) Ability to set time zone by campaign, not account level

9) Geo Targeting by Ad Group (like BingAds)

8) Control over the order in which Sitelinks were displayed.

7) Ability to setup all ad extensions in AdWords Editor

6) Full control over which columns show up in AdWords and which ones don’t. For reporting it can just make things messy.

5) More specific ad position data – Top vs Other = Very Vague

4) Give us back Tablet Control! No matter what you say you will NEVER convince us tablets perform like Desktops or Laptops. The data we see daily says otherwise.

3) Turn AdWords account and agency reps back into resources not just sales people. Hey I didn’t say these were realistic wishes.

2) More control and visibility into what drives PLAs… or you know you could just let us pick our own keywords. <sarcasm>But who would possibly want that? </sarcasm> (as a side note is anybody up for developing STML or Sarcastic Text Markup Language?)

And Drum Roll Please for the number one request (or in the words of Melissa Mackey) “perennial unfulfilled wish” for change in Google AdWords……

1) More Control over Search Partners!!! i.e separate bids, ability to exclude/target them like placements, or even *gasp* be able to make search partner only campaigns or ad groups.

What would you change with Bing?

Really there were only two real “wishes” that were mentioned by multiple people

2) More Traffic from BingAds

1) A Mac version of BingAds Desktop Editor

Does that mean their aren’t any other things we want out of BingAds? I don’t think so, but like most things we tend to spend 80% of our time and money where we get the most out of it. AdWords is the “big dawg” on campus and gets most of our attention. Share some other things that BingAds could improve on in the comments below.

PPC Wishlist for all the rest of the platforms

5) Agency “MCC” like centers for platforms like AdRoll, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

4) Lower Minimums on some of the other alternate PPC options like Chango or Simpli.fi

3) True FB advertising support. Shoot even Google’s 800 number is better than the options FB gives us!

2) Please consolidate some of these networks out there… We really don’t need 200 performance focused display networks.

1) LinkedIn get your act together! Your UI sucks and a desktop editor is sorely needed.

What would have been on your PPC Wishlist?

Do you agree with all of the “wishes” listed above? Did I miss any you really think should be on the ppc wishlists? Let me know in the comments.


Special thank you to some of the contributors for the list (in no particular order) -





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  • Steve Cameron

    A great list….. you reminded me how much I want a bing editor for my mac….

    and why can we not have a default bid – and then have adjustment options for each device type that runs off that – for desktop, mobile and tablet. The, “drop the bid for desktop and then boost the bid for mobiles by 300%” is a crappy workaround at best.

  • Sam Mazaheri

    Great roundup Bryant! My company (www.adstage.io) has built a more powerful LinkedIn Ads editor so the #ppcchat folks have that to look forward to :)


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