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Connect with Stu on Google+ Stu founded Get Found First in 2008 and loves all things internet marketing. He blogs every Monday with his Miscellaneous Monday posts. Entrepreneurship flows through Stu's veins. When he's not in front of a computer, he's usually with his family or doing something at church. Oh, and you should see him on a wakeboard!

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BIG NEWS: Google Adwords to Pay Vringo Billions

Sound like a sensational title? It is! But trust me, it is truthful too. Intellectual property is worth a lot! Google owns tons of patents. They know the value of protecting their IP with patent law. I don't know exactly how many patents they own, but I am sure that Bill Slawski of does. He follows, studies, and reports on Google's patents like crazy and I recommend you follow him. Today, Go ...

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I Have an Idea!

Ideas You're sitting down to dinner with family friends. You're just shooting the breeze about Johnny's soccer season and the camps he is going to next year, and then WHAM-O! Like a ton of bricks it hits you! A flash of genius (GREAT movie if you haven't seen it - see video trailer at the end). A light bulb doesn't turn on in your head. No. It is much bigger than a light bulb. It is a lightning bolt! The mi ...

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Get Found First

There is no way we can thank everyone for everything they have done for us to help us have such a great 2013. We wish you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years! We love you all and consider your friendship the best gift you can give us! Here are some pictures from the Get Found First annual Christmas Party. We did a white elephant Christmas gift exchange. It is crazy to think that we hav ...

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The 80’s Resurgence & Facebook Newsfeed Ads

I am a child of the 80's. The 80's were great years, weren't they? What made them so amazing you ask? Well here are 3 things: ---Mullets---Glasses---Tapered, Stone-washed jeans. Photo Credit: National Geographic You don't think those things are cool? Well, just ask your high school neighbor kid. He'll tell you they are, and trust me, he knows! ;-b A simple Google image search for 'high school boys fashion 2 ...

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A Navy Rear Admiral Worth the Admiration

"Everyone wants better answers faster!" That was said back in 1992 by the great Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. She was the first woman to work on the Mark I at Harvard. Sergey Brin and Larry Page must have been listening to those wise words from this sweet ol' lady. Listen to Grace as she talks with David Letterman back when his hair wasn't gray and hers had already reached pure white: If Grace was alive today ...

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Ginny Marvin’s Coverage Should Get More Attention

Google Wheels a Deal Back in October, Google made a deal with Publicis and MediaVest worth tens of millions. In this article about the advertising advantage given to these large agencies and their clients, Ginny Marvin observes something from the sidelines that I think should cause more of us to raise our eyebrows and pay close attention. Her article points out that normal digital ad buys using the PPC mode ...

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Mark Jensen – Is He a Fraud?

For the last couple years Mark Jensen has been my business partner. All in all, we have been able to get a lot of good things done, with him deserving so much of the credit. But, as a fair warning to all of you looking to go into business with a partner, you might want to do a little bit of a history check. Look into the background of your potential partner. You may be surprised what you find out. I was app ...

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Tough As Nails – A Veterans Day Tribute

We've got it made. Each night we go to bed in comfort. Very little worry of danger. Each morning we wake up. We go to work and do what we love. We sit in front of computers. We strategize and brainstorm in front of whiteboards. Our office is comfortable. Our kids go to school and get a great education. We enjoy the benefits of technology in our work, healthcare, entertainment and so on. We have national par ...

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Will You Buy Facebook Ads Through a Google Interface?

Back on October 18, 2013, a post from Mashable was tweeted and retweeted over and over. They were kind of breaking news about Google announcing their plan to resell Facebook ad space. I think it was published on the Google DoubleClick blog first (see here). Before I get into my thoughts on the announcement, I should point out what happened to Google's stock yesterday. Facebook's stock jumped as well yesterd ...

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Government Shutdown PPC in 2013

The Government Shutdown is not bad for everyone. These advertisers are getting some exposure because of the government shutdown. I knew it! I knew that if I went to Google to search for 'Government Shutdown' I would find advertisers there. Who can blame them? If they have content about the shutdown, they have a right to pay for it to be seen. Interesting note: Google does not show ads on the first page of t ...

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