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10 Things Every PPC Manager Needs at Their Desk

PPC managers are like Iron Man. Iron Man is brave, willing to take on the some of the hardest tasks known to man, solves problems, and works well with his clients(the U.S. government). Managing multiple PPC clients at an agency is similar to defending the world from bad guys because it is not an easy task. You have to be brave, take on difficult and low performing accounts, solve problems daily, and work we ...

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New Ad Rotation Option in Google Adwords Settings

There has always been an argument among PPC managers in regards to the best way to use the "AD ROTATION" settings in Google Adwords.  My opinion has always been that both settings have their proper place and time to be used.  As a quick reminder or for those who may be unfamiliar, within the settings tab at that campaign level, you can choose the way the Adwords platform chooses to display your ads if you h ...

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PPC Management Agencies Have Google Police Now

Do you remember in elementary school how much you looked forward to recess?  I LOVED RECESS! You know, boy chase girl, girl chase boy, waiting your turn on the swing, sports, etc. Remember the recess aids?  You know, the ladies on the playground that wore the whistle around their neck like it was a jewel on a necklace.  They watched carefully for kids that misbehaved and when they did, that shrill of the wh ...

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Is Google Adwords Too Complicated for Small Businesses?

Remember when Google AdWords was easy? Remember when all you needed was five minutes and a credit card to advertise to millions of people? Yes, those were the good old days, back in the early 2000s when Google launched its revolutionary pay-per-click (PPC) platform AdWords. But in the 10 years since its launch, has Google AdWords become too complicated for SMBs? It Wasn’t Always This Complicated I’ve worked ...

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Batman and SEO

Aside from his impressive martial arts skills, huge budget, and tricked out batmobile, everyone knows that what makes Batman so effective is all the cool gadgets he has. Well, here at Get Found First, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t use some pretty sweet tools tocombat appease the search engine gods. In an effort to spread the SEO love, I’ve created a list of some of the best SEO tools that we use in the ...

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Adwords Editor Tips and Tricks 2011

Adwords Editor(AE) can make managing an Adwords account a lot easier. If you haven’t discovered and starting using it yet, here are some Adwords Editor Tips and Tricks that might convince you to download that little program and start using it... They'll also make you smile like the lady in the picture! We’ve found AE to be most handy in accomplishing these everyday tasks: Grouping Related Keywords- Have you ...

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