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Ghost(Stats) Spotted in Adwords

We at Get Found First can confirm a sighting of the ‚ÄúGhost Stats‚ÄĚ that have been plaguing Adwords advertisers across the nation. These Ghosts Stats show up on the Adwords interface when you hover over the graph and then will follow you around the interface. There are thousands(or maybe just a couple) of theories as to why and when the Ghost Stats show up and decide not to go away. Are they Googlers watching ...

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Ad Relevancy and Mormon Missionaries

Ad relevancy is something that I have preached since my first day in the internet marketing industry.  I will continue to preach it until the day I die.  I always chuckle when I see ads that are ridiculously irrelevant to me and what my interests are.  On the other hand, I always take time to look and admire ads that really get me.  So the other day while working on aFacebook page I came across an ad that r ...

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