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Five Quality Score Troubleshooting Tips For PPC Beginners

A business owner recently contacted us concerned because his Cost Per Clicks had doubled in the last month! His problem? Quality Score. He knew that it had been dropping, but didn’t know what to do to stop the pain. So what do you do when quality score is sub-par? Here is a list of items to troubleshoot to make sure you’re doing everything right for your pay per click campaign: 1) Improve Click Through Rate ...

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Dave Snyder’s (of BlueGlassInc) Linky Goodness

Here were my takeaways from Dave's portion of the Link Building portion of the amazingBlueGlass Conference.   Links are the key to domination on the web. Get high quality links first that will convert, but also, just go get links! Links are the core concept of the internet, and don't forget that. Here is what Dave thinks (I agree fully. Dave is the man on this stuff!): Don't just go spam everything! Li ...

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Get Found First Welcomes Matt Dyer!

As part of my new hire initiation, I have been asked to introduce myself as the newest member of the Get Found First team.  I am a red head, and because of that I have been lovingly given the nickname, "the red man". As part of my welcoming in the office, Luke played a clip from Peter Pan where the Indians sing about the red man being red. I grew up in the great state of Colorado close to Denver. I graduate ...

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