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I just don’t have time to manage Google Adwords! Enter: Google Boost Ads.

That sounds similar to my excuse for blogging!  The fact is that I don't make time as often as I should, and I am sorry about that!  It all comes down to self-discipline, right?  Well, maybe.  If you work 60 hours a week, why would you want to discipline yourself to spend another hour working? A lot of small business owners are tired after working 60 hours in a week and don't want to do something they don't ...

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One Lesson From Google About Testimonials

The goal of my website is to generate leads.  To do this, the site teaches people about my company, and explains how we can help them.  In the process, and as you go through the pages (that need some serious seo attention by the way) you will see that the site brags and is very biased because we created the content.  What company would write bad things about themselves anyway...right? I saw this Google Adwo ...

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