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Why Is Important to Be On Top in Google?

On any given day someone will use Google search 14.6 times, that according to myself, my best guesstimate, and the number of times I actually use Google each day! Really, the number might be competely off but the fact is we use search engines often in the day. What happens when we use those search engines though? Do we analyze the results that come up? Do we read the abstracts of each result and then pick o ...

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Effective Use of Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns

This morning I was in a Google Adwords webinar and the question was asked, "Why would I ever want to use anything but broad matched keywords in my campaign? Don't I want lots of traffic to my site?" The answer to his question is YES you want traffic, but NO you don't want non-relevant traffic. She's happy... but not because of free dental work. For example, let's look at the keyword "dentist". At Get Found ...

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One of the 8 Pillars of Success with Paid Search Success (PPC)

The most important pillar for PPC is the one I am going to discuss today. "The 8 Pillars of Success with Paid Search," by Josh Dreller, talks about 8 of them, and we all know that no roof can be held up by one pillar, but I am here to discuss the strongest pillar. With all due respect to Josh, he kind of just threw this pillar somewhere in the middle of his post, and it deserves more attention than that.  F ...

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Why Should you Outsource your Pay-Per-Click Marketing to an Agency?

Tom Bennison wrote a great article on why companies should outsource their pay-per-click campaigns.  He gave eight reasons why and here they are, some direct quotes and some paraphrased using our name and company for the agency (For the full article and references,click here): Get Found First has unique relationships with search engines.  This allows us to get quicker resolutions and answers to questions as ...

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Adwords Pharmaceutical Policy Change

As Adwords experts it is important for Get Found First to stay on top of changes in Google Adwords policy. A recent change that may affect your advertising pertains to pharmaceutical policy. Straight from the Google Adwords blog we learn: Only VIPPS and CIPA certified pharmacies will be allowed to advertise We've made the decision to further restrict the ads we accept for online pharmacy sites in the U.S. a ...

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Why does it pay to have a high Quality Score on Google Adwords?

About 10 years ago I had a buddy who used Google for his searches... I found it interesting that he wasn't using Yahoo, AltaVista, or MSN. The Google page only had a place to search, no entertainment news, no email services, etc. I just didn't understand what it was that he liked and millions of people like today. What was it that he liked? Relevancy. When he searched for something he found exactly what he ...

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Rumors of Google “Store View” Spreading

According to Barry Schwartz of, Google is planning a "Google Store View". Currently in Google Maps you can see traffic, a normal map, a satelite map, a terrain map, and as you zoom in more you can even do a "street view". This allows you to see what the area looks like if you were actually on the street itself. Google accomplishes street view with a fleet of cars mounted with cameras. They simply ...

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Technorati Blogging

Looking for a good way to get your blog found by the hundreds of millions of internet users that are surfing around daily? Well look no further... is your answer. Technorati is a website that allows you to index your blog to make it easier for readers to find. It allows you to add your blog to several categories and put dozens of tags for your blog; making it much easier to find when someone ...

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