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What Does the iPad Mean for Searches?

As I read and watched the news results and videos for the hyped Apple iPad, I couldn't help but wonder what affect this might have on internet searches.  Does this mean that the iPad will increase search volume because it would be more accessible due to the iPad?  Will the larger display of the iPad (basically an enlarged version of an iPod Touch) allow people to see more sponsored links causing more people ...

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Clickable Phone Numbers Now Available on Mobile Search

Today Google formally announced the launch of clickable phone numbers for its mobile ads. "Click to Call", as the phrase will officially be called, will be available only for high-end mobile devices or phones that allow full HTML browsing. It allows users to search on Google as they normally would and rather than have to click through to a webpage and find the number, the number is included in the ad copy. ...

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Worldwide Searches Grow and Google Continues to Dominate

Is it any surprise that Google continues to attract the majority of searches on the web? According to Jack Marshall of over 2/3 of worldwide searches happened on Google sites(,, etc.). What makes this fact even more interesting is that 46% more searches were conducted this December than last! In one year, the number of people searching on the web has increased almost by half ...

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Google VS Bing Vs Yahoo! Who Gets More Traffic?

We posted last month about November's search results... Here is the latest: Working closely with the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we often get asked the question: how much traffic does each of the search sites get? To answer this question we turn to the latest results courtesy of¬†Experian Hitwise:     Percentage of U.S. searches among leading search engine providers¬†Domain¬† ...

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10 Commandments of Modern Marketing

Being in the internet marketing arena, there are a lot of blogs that I read every day.  I frequently read  Just today, I read an article from one of their bloggers that I haven't followed very closely, Augustine Fou. Apparently, Augustine considers himself to be the God of internet marketing as he is the one that has put together the 10 commandments that we as marketers should follow.  Here ...

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